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International visual excellence from Barcelona.

Who We Are

We are a group of architects based in Barcelona who believe that great visualization is the true way to tell our stories in the digital world we live in. With plenty of love, dedication and a dose of coffee in between we strive to capture the moments of inception and make them into something we call BIGSHOTS.

Our mission is to give shape to the essence of the idea without resorting to advertisement-like images that steal the thunder of the concept.

We develop sketches and steps in a process where we come together with the client to reach the heart of the idea and to be able to express it with right composition, light, shadows and texture.

Working Globally

We were born digital. In Bigshots, artists and photographers are our global embassadors who will assure that our images can reach you no matter where you are.

Bigshots is an international visual firm with projects in Barcelona, Madrid, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Delft, Luzern, Milan, Dubai & many more.

Our Vision

Become a reference, symbol of the most promising ideas in architecture and design. Our precisely crafted visuals give the customer a clear vision of the future, today. International visual excellence from Barcelona. By excellence we mean providing customers with the best experience from inception to digitalization within a competitive time frame.

Our Mision

We create world-class visuals, giving shape to the most promising ideas. With every customer’s growing idea, we grow & with every customer achieving his/her goal, we become better. We are in sync with our customers’ needs. With innovation we evolve and improve. We are committed to create great visualization experiences.

Job Applications

We are always on the lookout for like minded artists. Please send all applications in the form of a PDF under 10 MB to